Cashflow Forecasting

We have partnered up with Fluidly, an industry-leading cashflow tool. Our clients have access to the lite forecasting tool for free!

Cashflow forecasting has historically been a manual process carried out almost entirely in spreadsheets. The problem? Forecasts become almost instantly out of date plus, spreadsheets can’t tell you what to do next, or give you the tools to do it.

Fluidly uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns in your historical accounting data from Xero and generates a 90-day cashflow forecast. It can help you plan for different scenarios and get cash in the bank, from chasing late payments to getting funding in place.

You can produce cashflow forecasts in minutes, not hours and use the scenario planning tool to see how different decisions will impact your business. What will happen if you hire that extra member of staff? What will happen if you open a new location?

Fluidly will continually analyse your transactions, all day, every day, to give you an up-to-date cash position. If a customer just started paying late, it will instantly update the predictions to show future payments coming in late too. There is also a function within Fluidly to chase payments so that you get paid quicker and you can apply for funding using the simple application below.  Fluidly’s new service, which is free to use, will match you with the best financial options based on your eligibility.

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