Xero Add-ons

Xero have partnered up with other companies to save you time & money by making every area of your accounts & managing your business easier.

We have listed some of our favourite add ons that we can’t live without!

Receipt Bank

We are a Receipt Bank partner firm. Receipt Bank is the most amazing piece of software!

NO MORE DATA ENTRY!!! Remove the weight of your receipts and invoices from your desk to receipt bank.

Working with bookkeepers and accountants directly, receipt bank has developed software into a service which makes the gathering, storage and processing of bills, receipts and invoices as easy and cost effective as possible.

For all of your receipts for things such as fuel & coffees you can take a picture of the receipt & an electronic picture will be saved on your Xero account so if you lose the paper receipt don’t worry as we already have a copy.

For all of your PDF invoices you forward them via email to your receiptbank account email & it will get uploaded onto Xero.

For all of your paper ones they can be scanned in or sent freepost to Receiptbank to be uploaded.



An All-In-One Forecasting and Reporting Engine, a safer option that spreadsheets formerly known as Crunchboards. Giving real confidence in your decisions, using this one platform will let you know where you are, where you are going and where you have been. Linking to Xero gives real time information on the go.



Using Directli to connect with your Xero accounts enables your invoices to be paid and reconciled automatically using the GoCardless Direct Debit platform. We couldn’t be without this one as it makes managing direct debits so much easier!



Take direct debit payments and only pay a 1% fee which is capped at £2 per transaction. This is a really cost effective way of taking payments from customers and is particularly powerful when used with Directli above.



Satago links with Xero to manage your cashflow with confidence. You can use it to credit score customers & get suggested credit limits, full credit reports on potential customers and there is also the option to have invoice financing.



You can have a card reader from Izettle which works with contactless & Apple Ipay without having to pay a monthly standing charge. The fees start at 2.75% and are on a sliding scale down to 1.50%. The card reader works with your phone or tablet and is a cost effective way of taking card payments. It is particularly good for those businesses that are mobile such as hairdressers or those at shows/festivals.